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Design III  
Fall 2018  
Professor Hammett Nurosi
Wooden Dowels

Metal Wire

Fishing Line

Plastic Baggies & Water

Mylar Reflective Adhesive

Simultaneity in the action of conversation is the topic for this piece. The installation symbolizes the moon and its influence on the earth and living organisms through various subjects. Some examples that are said to have effects from the shape-shifting of the moon include: voting, fertility, fatalities, behaviors, and sleep patterns.

Scientifically proven, the moon affects the tides of the ocean; theoretically the moon affects humans due to the high percentage of water that composes us. The hanging installation is made of mirrored disks and bags of H₂O. The mirrored circles were a key piece to be able to show the conversational power of the moon controlling/reflecting on the humans when the projected light and animation demonstrates it’s luster sheens.  

P.S. the water isn’t’s actually rubbing alcohol. Why, you ask? Turns out, it weighs less than water, and this thing had to hang precariously from the ceiling.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone.




RISD Alumni
 ‘20 Graphic Design BFA